Impact Appalachia Projects

We custom design your team project to the abilities of your group. You will never be asked to work on a service project that is beyond your talent.

Our service projects hold the key and open the door to relationships.  It is our desire and objective to develop relations with the people we serve and the community where we are hosted.  We say, “Work hard,
play hard and intentionally look for ways to build relationship and friendships during your Missions Service experience.

We want you to be clear that our Mission Service Projects are not designed to be a vacation.  Rather, we seek opportunities to discover and use our God-given assets to bring hope and help and renewed faith to others..and in doing so we soar as well.

Since we have been called to serve in the name of Christ and we want to give that task our very best.

See our “Tentative Project Schedule” That gives you the best overall view of our project.

Step out of your “normal world” and into another culture for service, friendships, discovery and learning. We give, but we also receive so much more !  It is hard to explain, but it just happens naturally.

Drive or fly to your mission location and our Impact leadership team will meet you.  After setting up lodging and enjoying a meal and hearing about our host
community, we plunge into meeting the people and families we will be serving.

It’s life-changing !

What does a typical day on an Impact Missions Service Project look like?

7:30  a.m.     Voluntary Prayer Meeting



7:45              Breakfast



8:15              Time Alone with God ( Personal devotional time )



8:45              Leave for Service Project






11:45            Break for lunch



 1:00 p.m.     Serve



 4:15             Close up Service Project for the day and head home     



 6:00             Dinner                                                                             



 7:30             Evening Gathering                                                      



 830              Evening activity                                                           



11:00            All Team Members in lodging rooms                          



On any day, we always watch for God’s “sizzle” opportunities!



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