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 OCTOBER 18, 2012   Making an IMPACT FOR CHRIST!!!!  Eph. 2:10, 3:20-21  GLORY!!!!

  JUNE 27 - JULY 5  We are are so excited to announce our Impact QUITO ECUADOR 2013 MISSION DATE. TEAMS CAN BEGIN TO SIGN ON BEGINNING

  TODAY!  We will spend 2 days in Quito and then travel to Shel-Mera to work at the HCJB Hospita;l and with children in a Christian orphanage.

  Can't wait!!!!!!!  Give us a call for details.


 It's Time to Shchedule your 2013 Family, Youth & College & Career Mission with Impact

We love to say, "Every Day Is A Mission"!  Whether we are part of a team and out serving, or at our place of employment, or cutting our lawn at home...."Every Day Is A Mission"!  I know you believe that too!  God works and gives us opportunity in our normal routine to be a reflective light for Christ.  That's our passion!

We love this time of year when church and youth group leaders contact us in preparation for next years Mission Schedule. We like to answer as many questions as the caller asks. And we always enjoy just telling stories of how God has worked in every mission service project community...San Antonio, Appalachia, Nashville, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Chicago. 

As we plan the mission, we are known for staying in close contact with our Team Leaders during our planning and logistical stage of our anticipated mission service project. We  pray that if our Mission approarch ( relational impact ) fits your teams needs that you will prayerfully consider serving with Impact Missions. You may contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions: 616.502.9375 or

We remain joyfully committed to serving Christ, as we serve others and bring glory to God.

In every community we support and encourage and work alongside with local churches, pastors and congregations.
Our service projects are chosen on the basis of real need and Matthew 25.  If you serve with impact you will meet so many great people and develop life-long friendships.

God bless you BIG..every day!

Pb. 3:5-6
Eph 3:20-21
I Cor. 15:58
Eph. 2:10



Impact AppalachiaPublished on: 2009-08-19
Hi Dear Friends of Christ & Impact ,

We have had a VERY BLESSED summer of ministry!  I believe our most fruitful "in Christ".

Thank you
  and God bless you to all our teams and team leaders.  I have totally enjoyed serving with you and growing in Christ and blessing others with you.

We and I have amazing stories to tell about how God proved Himself FAITHFUL...Mission after Mission.

I thank and praise God for you and our reunited and new friendships.

I so missed not going to Ecuador this year.  Yet, SO THANKFUL that Pastor Fabian from Quito came to visit us in SB, IN...GLORY!  We are planning our 2010 Ecuador Mission for mid-July .  Specific dates coming very soon...like within days!

We are praying for a small team of 20 to finish our summer work in Kentucky.  We are looking at mid to late October.
We need workers who are skilled in siding as well as constructing showers for next years team.  Any interest? Please let me know.  I'm thinking leaving on a Thursday afternoon and returning home Sunday after services & dinner ( Lunch for the Northerners)

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is w/i me bless His Holy name Ps 103:1  


Ps 27:1
I Will Sing of My Redeemerr!!!!!!!
March / April 2009Published on: 2009-03-22
Dear Prayer Leaders & Friends of Impact Missions,

We have just completed a very wonderful mission in Blaine, Kentucky.
Pastor Lenny & Jerry and congregation gave us a very warm and heartfelt welcome.
Our Mission team of students from Ole Miss were just outstanding young people!
Worked hard, played hard and served Christ with a very sweet spirit and willing heart.  Praise the Lord!

We worked on a Heating & Cooling project, cleaned and arranged the food pantry and lower level storage areas of the church, painted the interior of the City Park building and created some awesome relationships through fellowship dinners and random acts of kindness.  Thank you Team Ole Miss! Thank you Blaine Christian Church & Outreach!

We look forward to teams going to Burnsville, WV where we are helping a local congregation clean and rehab their church building and doing kid's club ministry.

In Hazel Green, KY we are also help a local church rehab their building and assisting people in the community with needed work & repair projects.

We always love sending teams to Richwood WV, Chicago IL, Atanta GA, and Oklahoma City.  We still have openings for teams this summer.  If God directs you and your church or youth gropup to partner with Impact Missions this summer...just give us a call  800.903.0199 or 616.748.6018

We are also welcoming Christian businesses to sign up for our Fall Mission Projects for team Building & Community Service.

While on this most recent mission to Blaine, I shared with our team a quote from one of my early morning devotion times. Quote: "When we step out with God and for God, and are being led by His Holy Spirit, we need to run to keep up with
His path for us"  Yep, that sure paints the picture of our rencent mission in Blaine.
We had "A TIME!"

Ps 77:14
It's Time To Plan a Mission ServicePublished on: 2009-01-23

Dear Prayer Leaders & Friends of Impact,


It's time to plan a Mission Service Project with Impact.  Speak to your Adult Bible Class, your Family Ministries Pastor or your Youth Pastor and let's go serve others in the name of Christ.

Whether rural Appalachia or an urban setting, we are eager to bring hope and help in the name of Christ to these communities.  We love serving Chriost through missions.  We love to see Christ work in the lives of people we meet in our mission communities.  We love to see Christ work in our own heart, as we learn to love God and our neighbor.

We require teams of at least 15 persons.

Give us a call or send an e-mail:  800.803.0199   serve@impactmissions.com

For a close-up look at life in the present, check out our personal Facebook Account:  Dave Fackler / Holland MI

Our chosen scripture for 2009 is "Ps. 111" and our Theme Praise Song of the year is  "Above All"

Glory !


Ps. 111


God's Gifts Are the Best!Published on: 2008-12-12
Dear Prayer Leaders and Fellow Christ-followers,

Merry Christmas!

We pray God's blessing upon you and your family and loved ones.

I wish you the gift of knowing God's amazing love, through knowing Christ this Christmas.
I wish you the gift of God's peace this Christmas.
I wish you the gift of God's amazing grace this Christmas.
I wish you the gift of friendship and answered prayers this Christmas and for the new year.

I  wish for you and your family and loved ones, the very, very best for the  new year.

As we look forward to the new year, we at Impact are more convinced than ever , that "IN CHRIST" and living in "HIS" word,  our lives hold opportunity for great adventure  and great opportunity to be "shinning stars" for Christ.  May our "faith-eyes and our "faith-heart" motivate us to live our lives in such a manner that reflects all the strong attributes of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We still have openings for our Spring and Summer mission service projects.  Please consider putting together a mission team from your church or Adult Bible Class or Youth Group and join us in mission.  We have communities and families waiting for our help. 

Enjoy the holidays and celebrate Christmas every day of the new year.  As a friend always reminds me, "Every day is a mission opportunity".  Thank you Jim!  I believe it!  I pray you do also!

The glory of the Lord fills all the earth!


Ps 100
GOD IS FAITHFULPublished on: 2008-07-22

Dear Friends,


From Chicago to Kentucky to Quito, Ecuador and West Virginia....God is Faithful!

We have teams this week in Chicago & West Virginia.  Please pray for our teams from MN & WI.

Great thanks to Rose Riker and our team from Trinity United Methodist and Holland, MI, who just compelted Impact Quito, Ecuador.  Such great ministy...such great learning God's ways from our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters in Christ.

We gained more than we gave. We learned more than we taught.  We saw God change hearts and lives. The Scriptures became more alive to us than ever.  God's principles for living HIS WAYS...work...every time.


Plase consider a special offering for our ministry.  Travel expenses have been beyond our budgeted amounts.

Tax-deductable gifts may be sent to:

Impact Missions                                                                                                                                                                                        P O Box 1406                                                                                                                                                                                 Holland  MI                                                                                                                                                                                        49423-1406

We continue to offer our Mission Service Projects at a cost to encourage participation.  We are Christ-centerd and we hold the Scriptures to be God's message to our hearts and mind. His word teaches us His ways, and reveals Jesus Christ as God's only son, who lived and died for our sins ,and for the redemption of mankind ,and rose victorious from the dead as promised, and is coming again....as promised.  GOD IS FAITHFUL ....ALWAYS!



Ps 117


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