Impact Mission Service Project Registration…the process

Asking and answering questions:
Our Impact Team welcomes questions concerning our Mission Service Projects.  We want you to feel very comfortable about our approach to missions service, our schedule, our statement of faith and housing and food issues.  You ask and we’ll answer.  It’s best to ask questions via e-mail:

Signing On for a Missions Service Project:
You say yes to missions service through IMH / Impact Missions…what’s next ?

We send you all the tools required for formal project registration
•    Project Registration Agreement
•    Project Registration Forms
•    Information about the missions service project location
•    Team Training Outline
Project Deposit Fee:   30 days after you officially sign on for a project, a $ 50.00 non-refundable deposit  per team member is required  ( $ 100.00 deposit per all International mission service projects )  This deposit holds your project reservation, allows us to purchase some materials in bulk and saves money while accomplishing more work, and it provides IMH / Impact Missions with necessary operating funds for project set-up and administration. The deposit fee is included in the total project fee.

Your deposit / registration payment is the first of a three step Project Payment Schedule.
•    Deposit payment (within 30 days of signing on to a missions project)
•    2st Payment (first half of remaining project balance)
•    3rd payment (final half of remaining project balance)

We suggest that you provide Impact Missions with an initial  low projected participant number.
Your deposit is based on your project team number.  You are allowed to transfer and substitute deposits and team members up to 30 days prior to a project.

Example : 
  Your project Team Member  # projection is 25 persons.
                    Your deposit billing = $ 1250.00.

All project fees must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to a missions service project. No refunds are available after 30 days prior to the actual project date.

We are eager to stay in close contact with you and advise you of additional project details and information as the project date approaches

Impact Mission provides Missions Team Training for Teams and or Team Leaders  ( $175.00 per person).  Ask for details.


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